Develop and Sustain Value-based Organizations.

Gain important insights and perspectives for teams and beyond.

The Value Management Track emphasizes customer-focused approaches and practices to maximize value delivery at various levels within organizations. The learning objectives highlight concepts around organizational alignment, adaptive planning, establishment of value teams to set priorities, and techniques for spreading value-based approaches such as product roadmapping, progressive elaboration, and frequent cross-program communication. The knowledge-based certifications in this track are Business Value Analysis and Enterprise Value Management. Once learners obtain this foundation upon which to build competence, they can apply for the coveted ICAgile Certified Expert in Value Management.

This track is developed for: 
Business Analysts, Product Owners, and Agile team members will gain important tools and techniques from the Business Value Analysis course.  Product Managers, Product Leadership, and those in roles managing value across programs and portfolios will benefit from the Enterprise Value Management course. Leaders responsible for enabling value-based organizations who wish to build deep competence and differentiate themselves from their peers should pursue the Expert certification.


Value Management Track Certifications

To qualify and apply for the competence-based ICAgile Certified Expert in Value Management (ICE-VM) certification, you must earn the Agile Fundamentals certification (ICAgile Certified Professional) and the two professional-level (knowledge-based) certifications on the Value Management track. 



 Busines Value Analysis


Enterprise Value Management
Value Management
Major Track Themes
Skills and Behaviors for Value Management

Understand that Critical Thinking, Systems Thinking, influence over power, collaboration, and ability to advocate for the value are critical attributes of value managers.

Techniques for Value Management

Experience hands-on exercises with lightweight requirements practices such as progressive elaboration, story mapping, and writing effective user stories. 


Seeking and Analyzing Value

Learn how to facilitate stakeholder conversations and define, prioritize, deliver, and measure value across teams, programs, portfolios, and organizations.


Developing Value-based Organizations

Discuss strategies for creating flexible organizational environments conducive to transparent collaboration and prioritization across portfolios and business units.


    "When putting together the Value Management Track we looked at the practical skills needed to really be able to maximise the delivery of valuable products in an organisation. All too often we really efficiently solve the wrong problem - value management ensures that we get the best return for the investment made in product development."

    Shane Hastie Chief Knowledge Engineer and Agile Practice Lead at Software Education

    ICAgile thanks the Value Management Track Founders:

    Steve Adolph

    Shane Hastie

    Kent McDonald

    Pat Reed