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ICAgile Certified Professional Certified Agile Professional Agile Fundamentals Description: How to be Agile? This course will introduce the most important aspects of Agile. Over two days, the learners will experience all of the key values and principles of the Agile Mindset, in a quest to master the many issues that impact on the adoption of Agile and its execution. From the outset, many scientific studies have been found to support the Agile paradigm, even as far as Agile software development. With several exercises and hands on tutoring, the learners will participate, share and learn concepts, such as: collaboration, team building, transparency, communicators, feedback cicles, self organization and a whole lot more. Created to provide theoretical and pratical learning, this course enables participants to understand the many forms that Agile can take in different contexts, thinking in a sustainable and evolutionary way. Course Schedule: - the origin of Agile - Agile values and principles - Being and Doing Agile - The Agile Mindset - Methods, frameworks and Agile pratices - The importance of context - Agile Adoption - Understanding Growth - From Novice To Expert - Softskills - Collaboration - Communication - Physical and Logistical environments - Commitment - Sharing and Learning - Self organisation and Self management - Iterative and Incremantal approaches - Feedback Circles - Continuous integration and delivery - The customer side - Work in Progress - Planning, analysing and estimating - Inspection and Adaptation