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ICAgile Certified Professional Epsilon Core Agile Boot Camp Agile Fundamentals The Epsilon Core Agile Boot camp emphases learning across the Agile spectrum from a basic level. The learning journey is three days in length and features a focus on Scrum, with highlighting on how Scrum is used in Epsilon. In our interactive and hands on course, you will learn the Scrum framework, how to apply Scrum to your projects, and how to navigate the cultural changes necessary to implement Scrum. Additionally, we explore ideas and concepts of scaling Scrum and Kanban to the program and portfolio level. We will explore the changes required to the mindset as well as the origins of agile and lean. The journey includes exploration of what does it take to “BE” Agile as well as “DO” Agile. There is a strong focus on product backlog management, with numerous interactive exercises and workshops.