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ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation The Agile Facilitator Agile Coaching The Agile Facilitator is a class for experienced Agilists who wish to dramatically increase their facilitation skills in general, especially as applied to Agile ceremonies, collaborative events and other team “moments of truth.” The workshop will focus on professional facilitation skills and techniques as applied specifically within the Agile context. This 2.5-day course takes place over 2 days, including an evening practice on Day 1.
ICAgile Certified Professional Fundamentals of Agile Agile Fundamentals Designed for those looking for an introduction to Agile, this course delves into the fundamental underlying practices used on Agile projects, explaining why and how they work. It prepares attendees to be able to recognize and apply agile techniques to their work immediately.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Value Analysis Business Value Analysis Value Management Adopting an Agile Framework to deliver change to an organisation offers powerful advantages over traditional approaches, such as the focus on value realisation, the ability and flexibility to change rapidly and frequently, increased collaboration, improved quality and faster delivery. But what role does the Business Analyst play? This course provides insights into the entire value delivery journey from inception in a portfolio of work through to delivery. The course works through real life scenarios and examples to develop business value analysis skills that are applicable to different types of workplaces.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Project Management Agile Project Management Delivery Management This course helps develop the core components of the Agile Project Manager role as distinct from the traditional Project Manager, and on equipping the learner with strategies and techniques for successful Agile project implementation. We discuss the mindset and approach critical to empowering Agile teams to produce great results. Students will practise the role of Agile Project Manager as a facilitator of Agile practices towards achieving desired outcomes. This certification also takes an in-depth look at the fundamental Agile concepts of adaptive planning, customer collaboration and value-driven delivery in dynamic and sometimes highly constrained environments, as well as covering Agile approaches to standard project management processes such as metrics, reporting and contract management. This course is accredited with ICAgile on the ICAgile Agile Management track. Upon successful completion of this course, you’ll earn the ICAgile Certified Professional in Agile Project Management (ICP-APM) certificate.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching Being the Agile Coach Agile Coaching This course facilitates experiences that demonstrate the basic skills & perspectives needed to be an Agile Coach. - Help a Tech Lead to understand how their actions influence their teams. - Mentor traditional roles to explore agile options in the future. - Wrestle for the appropriate skills to use as you try to get your team to high performing. Come as you are now and leave with new experiences, a kit of techniques, and guides for further learning.