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This certification is part of a specialized journey within the Business Agility track and is aimed at people in organizational functions focusing on the allocation and use of funds. They are part of an organization aiming to adopt Agile thinking and practices, irrespective of their industry. Participants will come away ready to implement new ways of thinking and working in the finance, accounting and procurement areas.


Agile Finance
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Target Audience


The target audience for this certification includes people working in finance, accounting, and procurement functions in companies transforming to more Agile ways of working. Their current responsibilities may include aspects such as budgeting, cost management, financial compliance, accounting, procurement and sales. Organizational development consultants, hiring managers, agile coaches and agile transformation leads exploring the finance and accounting aspects of transformations will also find this curriculum compelling.


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Agile Finance Track Contributors

These Learning Outcomes have been built by pioneering practitioners from around the world, drawing on their real experiences helping organizations become agile in finance. ICAgile would like to give special thanks to the following Track Founders:

Ivan Dubrovin • Hendrik Esser • Mirko Kleiner • Stephen (Steve) Milligan • John Okoro • Burkhard Tolks


ICAgile would also like to thank the following Track Contributors:

Bjarte Bogsnes • James King • Evan Leybourn • Pat Reed • Helen Snitkovsky