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Organizations today are struggling to stay responsive and effective in the face of increasingly turbulent economic, technological, sociological and market forces. Most companies are struggling just to catch up with, let alone get in front of, the accelerating turbulence that seems to infect every industry. The problem is that business leaders are not only dealing with rapid change. What most leaders are dealing with is a condition of increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (a condition for which the US Army coined the acronym VUCA).


Such conditions call for not just a behavioral adjustment in how leaders lead. Rather, what is urgently needed is an out-and-out paradigm shift in how leaders think about organizations, their role within them, and the very nature of what constitutes effective leadership.


Agile Leadership
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Target Audience


The Agile Leadership certification is valuable to anyone wishing to learn about the paradigm shifts necessary to lead in VUCA environments, and to develop relevant leadership capabilities.


This certification was specifically designed for leaders where one or more of the following criteria apply:

  • Leaders at Director-level and above, who have broader, higher-level organizational responsibilities than first line supervisors
  • Leaders who lead an organization in which Agile constitutes a significant delivery methodology, or is on its way to becoming so
  • Leaders who see the value of growing an agile organization, and are committed to developing themselves as agile leaders in order to achieve that aim


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