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ICAgile Certified Professional ICAgile Fundamentals Agile Fundamentals In this highly interactive two-day session students will explore benefits and challenges of agile delivery, management and leadership. Topics include: agile manifesto and principles, popular agile methods for enterprise and small teams, agile community (value and delivery teams), culture of diversity and collaboration, physical work spaces, iterative and incremental delivery, value management (requirements), agile program management / development / testing / documentation, shared knowledge / understanding, agile metrics and technical excellence. In addition the class is designed to actively demonstrate agile practice students can immediately use in their environments. Examples demonstrated in class are: team working agreement, class burn up chart, lesson kanban Board, parking lot and retrospective board. Activities exercise many decision and consensus practices students can employ on their own teams. The course materials and facilitation are provided by a group of technical experts and teachers who have come together to promote building higher performing companies, schools and families through application of agile practices, principles and values. On successful completion of the course, students will earn their ICAgile Certified Professional Certification (ICP) which starts their ICAgile journey into agile enterprise coaching, value management, delivery management, coaching, development, testing and leadership tracks.