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ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Team Training Camp – Agile Certified Professional Agile Fundamentals This course provides an environment for a Team to learn and experience Agile. Too often teams will send one or two individuals to be trained, expecting them to return and impact performance. By engaging in this practice and learning together, the Team is better prepared to execute together outside of the classroom. During this course, Teams will be introduced to key Agile principles and gain exposure to a variety of Agile approaches and techniques such as Lean, eXtreme Programming, Kanban and Scrum. Building on this foundation, attendees will then learn and gain experiences with Scrum and other key, common, agile practices supporting planning, estimating, developing cadence, continuous improvement, and communicating and maintaining transparency. Participants will be assessed based on attendance, participation and knowledge. Upon successful completion of the Agile Team Training Camp, participants will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional designation.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching Agile Coaching Agile Coaching This course provides a deep dive into the mindset, skills, and responsibilities of an Agile coach. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply your learned knowledge of coaching terms, responsibilities, and skills to enhance the performance of your teams. Through exercises, role plays, and discussions, you will practice the skills presented in this course.