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Contact Name: Melinda Sommerfeld
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Upcoming Classes

Date Certification Class Track Location Training Provider
7/23/2019 ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Agility Foundations Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Business Agility Omaha, Nebraska Agile Transformation Inc.
9/9/2019 ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Agility Foundations Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Business Agility Atlanta, Georgia Agile Transformation Inc.

Accredited/Licensed Courses

Certification Class Track Course Description
ICAgile Certified Professional Real World Agile & Scrum Agile Fundamentals This is not your typical Agile and Scrum 101 course. This course is designed to spend 25% of the time on “What” and “Why” behind Agile and Scrum and 75% on “HOW” you can actually start using it with your team tomorrow! This is TEAM training so ALL roles (including the Business Product Owners) should attend! If you’re interested in learning real world techniques used by dozens of teams then this course is for you! We walk you through an end-to-end lifecycle Agile project journey from Release Planning all the way to Production Release using a sample project or YOUR own.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation Agile Team Facilitation Agile Coaching Did you know that many judge your effectiveness and leadership skills by how well you run your meetings? The key to a successful group session is having an effective facilitator who can organize the meeting, control it and skillfully guide the team towards achieving their goal for the session. You may think ‘I already know how to facilitate and participate in group sessions’ but you will be surprised at the statistics and costs of how many meetings we all attend yet how little of them are actually effective in terms of delivering any real value! The goal of this course is to teach you the most effective facilitation, participation and group collaboration skills that will ensure your group sessions are focused and produce value. This course covers several advanced facilitation, emotional intelligence and cultural transformation topics that are guaranteed to have an immediate positive effect in the way you work. We have designed this course to have extensive workshops and live demos to demonstrate the key skills needed.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Agility Foundations Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Business Agility Leaders are facing increased pressure from their business to accelerate the pace in meeting a competitive landscape of customer demands. They have a large backlog of enterprise initiatives (high demand) with little understanding of their capacity to deliver against it. Many enterprises have adopted and scaled Agile methods within their Technology areas, however, the ones seeing success in becoming more customer focused and aligning demand with capacity have taken the Agile and Lean mindset to the Enterprise. Through this session, we’ll explore the critical pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility transformation and build your own vision, measures for success and an actionable roadmap for getting there.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Talent HR Agility Business Agility The World is changing at an ever-increasing rate and those organizations that wish to remain competitive and relevant are implementing news ways of working that increase their time-to-market, quality, employee engagement and productivity. Organizations have to become Agile so as to boost growth and ensure survival. The Agile movement began in 2001 and has largely been an IT driven intervention but this is not sustainable. When you look at the various Agile frameworks, it is very evident that the greatest contributor (or barrier) to Agile transformation will be educating and enabling the people and leaders within these organizations. This requires a shift to a Lean-Agile Mindset and culture throughout the organization. The Human Resources departments in these organizations are accountable for the people agenda and will play a key and central role in transforming and enabling the organization to embrace Agility. The traditional HR strategies, tactics, policies and practices are outdated and mainly transactional. The HR fraternity has an opportunity to become truly strategic through investigating, understanding and implementing an Agile HR and Talent framework. This is exactly what this workshop will guide you towards achieving. During this workshop we will cover the following key modules: 1. An Introduction to Agile and how it intersects with HR and Talent 2. Designing Organizations, Roles & Career Paths in an Agile Organization 3. Learning & Development to prepare for and deliver within an ever-changing world 4. Attracting, engaging, developing and retaining Talent to meet the demands of the new world of work 5. Enabling performance that motivates knowledge workers 6. Adopting an Agile Mindset for HR