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ICAgile Certified Professional Lean and Agile Fundamentals Agile Fundamentals In this class you will experience working in a truly agile way through a series of exercises designed to let you see and feel the difference. You will work as a self-organizing team, understand the basics of lean thinking and visualize your value stream. You will then understand and choose the agile practices that are best for your context. Of course we'll also cover agile values and the manifesto, Scrum basics, kanban basics, and many of the common practices to be found in the agile world. You will understand exactly how these methods can improve your current way of work. When we are done, you will have the fundamentals needed to start your agile journey as well as a concrete plan for you and your teams to start seeing value right away.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation Facilitation for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters Agile Coaching Being a great coach or Scrum Master requires excellent facilitation skills. In this class, you will experience (not just learn theory) facilitating and running effective meetings and conversations. You will learn the essentials of the necessary human dynamics needed for effective collaboration as well as a number of concrete facilitation tools and techniques and when to use them. Attend this class to enhance your ability to guide an agile team towards successful self-organization.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Business Value Analysis Business Value Analysis and Product Ownership Product Ownership Being an effective product owner or business analyst on an agile team is a critical role. You are responsible for collaborating with stakeholders to decide what to build and then work with the development team to describe and prioritize the requirements. This is often the most challenging role on an agile team. Attend this class to get a deep, experiential understanding of the role, tools, and techniques to become a more effective product owner.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Testing Agile Testing: Becoming an Effective Tester on an Agile Team Agile Testing Agile teams are sometimes a scary perspective for testers. Small iterations, whole teams, automation, and a whole new set of ways to work; where do you fit as a tester on an Agile team? How does your role and responsibilities change? In this class, we will delve deeply into what it means to be a tester on such a team. We cover concrete practices and approaches such as behavior driven development, test automation, and the importance of test data as well as understand how all of this fits together with the test automation pyramid and the Agile testing quadrants. Attend this class to get yourself ready to be an effective tester on an Agile team.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Programming Hands-On Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Agile Engineering Getting great results from Agile methodologies is dependent more than just Scrum or kanban, or any of the well-known processes. These results only come when you pair a good team process with great technical practices like Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development. Bring your laptops, set up your IDE, and roll up your sleeves for this class - it is TOTALLY hands on. In this class, you will learn and experience these amazing skills by doing it. Practice writing your tests first, refactor, and do it again. Not only will you do this for a new project, but we have some legacy code for you to put under test also. Then, we will jump right in and use the same red-green-refactor loop with human readable/writable tests in Gherkin so that you can work with your non-coding teammates to build the right thing.