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Organize Agile

Country: Netherlands
Contact Name: Mikel Vink
Phone: +31 (0) 85 303 64 83

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Date Certification Class Track Location Training Provider
9/16/2019 ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Talent Agile HR – Certification ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL) (Dutch) Business Agility Utrecht, Netherlands Organize Agile

Accredited/Licensed Courses

Certification Class Track Course Description
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Talent HR Talent Business Agility This three-day Agile HR training is an open and interactive training with HR professionals. In this training we start by investigating what agile work is, what an agile organization looks like and what the most important principles and preconditions are. We then dive into different parts of the HR practice. This means that we, for example, zoom in on innovations in Learning & Development in agile organizations. Or we look at how you can deal with your work as an HR professional in a more agile way. But we also look beyond the current situation. We get started with the renewal of HR, the new roles that partly may fall outside the HR field and with self-organizing teams in the business. Finally, we discuss a number of HR instruments and apply them to your situation: we get started with the candidate experience and the employee journey. There is room to introduce your own case studies. Because we link the theory to practice and to your case studies, after the training you will know how and where you can start. Every Agile HR training we organize has the same base, but is also tailored differently every time. We ask you in advance what your learning needs and learning style(s) are. A training program is made based on this, together with learning outcomes we know are valued. And, as is the case with agile work, we always adjust the program during training so that your learning questions are answered. We work on the basis of the themes from the book 'Agile HR' (2017), written by five coaches from Scrum Company. You will receive it before the start of the training.