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ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Methods and Scrum Process Agile Fundamentals This ICAgile accredited course examines the roles and responsibilities of team members working on Agile projects, delves into the specific practices which are used on Agile projects, explains the theory and concepts behind the Agile approach and prepares team members to be immediately productive working in an Agile environment. During three dynamic days participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what to expect on an Agile project and the skills to be effective on one. The course, designed and built locally, covers the philosophy, values, principles and background of the Agile methodology. It explains the flow, the processes and the environment of an Agile project, giving participants an overall understanding of the Agile world and the tools and techniques used in delivering value. It presents a structure for defining value and ensuring the project delivers the right product at the right time for the right customer.
ICAgile Certified Professional Agilní principy Agile Fundamentals Cílem certifikačního kurzu Agile Certified Professional - Agilní principy je porozumět Agilním metodám a získat dostatek informací k jejich aplikaci v rámci Scrum nebo kanban procesu. Kurz staví na vašich znalostech a zkušenostech z Agilního světa, Scrum Procesu, kanbanu. Neprobírá tedy základní teorii ale rozšiřuje tyto znalosti o další metody a best practices. Kurz obsahuje soubor cvičení, příkladů, case-studies, her a aktivit kde mají účastníci možnost získané informace hned aplikovat.
ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Principles Agile Fundamentals The goal of Agile Fundamentals course is to get real understanding of the Agile mindset and principles. It is also designed to provide enough information to adapt the principles and implement them in your organizations using Scrum and kanban processes. The course is building on top of your existing Agile know-how and experience. We will not go through the basics all over again, but we will extend the already known principles to allow you to fully embrace Agile as mindset and culture. Course is designed as very interactive, full of examples, exercises, case-studies and games where you can directly use the newly learnt points and skills.