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Eliassen Group

Country: United States of America
Contact Name: Carrie Driscoll
Email: cdriscoll@eliassen.com
Phone: 978-273-2002

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ICAgile Certified Professional Agile Whole Team Training Agile Fundamentals Agile Whole Team Training provides a complete introduction to the principles and practices of Agile and Scrum. It also includes the practices commonly used with successful Scrum implementations such as User Stories and Agile technical practices. There’s no actual coding, no computer required. Everything you learn will be via hands-on Agile activities that you will do as part of a cross‐functional team. This training is called “Whole Team” training because all of the activities are done as part of cross-functional teams. You can either send existing teams, individuals from different roles, or any combination you’d like. By training as cross-functional whole teams, people will learn not only about their own role, but will also gain an appreciation for how all roles on an Agile team operate and how to interact with people in other roles on an Agile team
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation Agile Team Facilitation Agile Coaching This workshop focuses on engaging and developing the skills needed for facilitation within an Agile Team. It will provide the participant with all the tools and techniques needed to accelerate Agile meetings towards common goals and drive outcomes. The participant will develop a deeper understanding of how to facilitate communication and collaboration within agile teams. As well as empower and enable self- organizing teams. This experience will deepen participants’ library of tools and techniques needed to accelerate agile growth within their organization and gain practical experience using these tools for specific agile practices.
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation Breakthrough Agile Facilitation Agile Coaching ICP- ATF
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching Agile Coaching Workshop Agile Coaching This workshop takes creative thinking to a new level! The role, responsibilities, and mindset of an Agile Coach are the main focus of the course. The goal of this workshop is for the participant to understand what level of engagement, coaching, mentoring, and/or teaching to use when working with specific agile teams. The participant will also learn how to foster collaboration and promote healthy conflict resolution within their agile environment. This course transforms participants’ approach to development concepts and understanding dynamics within a group or organizational system. After successful completion of this workshop the participant will have transformed his skills to serve individuals on an agile team.