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Certification Class Track Course Description Delivery Method
ICAgile Certified Professional The Agile Launch Deck Agile Fundamentals This course was designed to rocket launch you into your agile journey. It covers the agile mindset, core principles, skills and values, using Scrum Framework as the basis for experiencing this paradigm. Through hands-on exercises within teams, and guided by the ICAgile Learning Roadmap, you will learn about roles, events, artifacts as described in Scrum and also comprehensive theory and concepts paramount to adopting an Agile approach. Finally this course uses general examples making it appropriate not only for IT professionals, but also audiences working in a ever changing environment and opting for having less hierarchy and more collaboration and autonomy to face its challenges. You will have our best efforts in in providing you with knowledge and structure so you can leave the class more adaptable and productive in an Agile environment. In Person
ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Team Facilitation Agile Team Facilitation Workshop Agile Coaching Facilitation skills are key if you need to enable self-organizing teams and foster collaboration. This two day ICAgile Certified Workshop is a hands-on, engaging and playful experience which focuses primarily on the mindset and role of an agile team facilitator, and provides group facilitation tools and techniques for effectively designing and running meetings and workshops. If you struggle with engaging and driving a team towards agreed-upon outcomes and lack understanding of the art of facilitation, this workshop was designed not only for you, but for anyone who wants to explore the power of facilitation and ignite the passion for servant leadership or has the desire to learn and practice facilitation skills. Our course provides relevant, easy-to-use facilitation guides so you continue to develop your competency on your own while allows you to learn from your mistakes by actually practicing facilitation in a safe environment where you can actually make mistakes and learn from them. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to: * Facilitate Agile meetings and workshops so that they’re purposeful and effective * Work with people and teams to apply the concepts and values of the Agile mindset * Help your team collaborate effectively and truly self-organise * Act as a servant leader guiding your team towards continuous improvement * Choose the right facilitation techniques and tools for any context In Person