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ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Programming Agile Programming Agile Engineering Digital disruption is an ever-advancing tide washing over all areas of modern life and unleashing astounding new value. Emblematic of this new normal are the many nimble start-ups unencumbered by tradition to innovate and large organisations struggling to adapt. Many organisations have embraced these new opportunities by adopting agile values and principles with the initial focus usually on a team culture shift. This is a great start. But there’s more. Standing at the bow of this movement are programmers, the people who bring such wonderful ideas to life. This brings us to our next shift – the technical shift. The essence of this shift is to incorporate new engineering practices to ship new features on the market cadence and thereby become more like a start-up. This is the true promise of agile and necessitates investment in a new set of skills. Here lies the focus of this course. In this course programmers will get hands-on experience with agile technical practices guided by professional agile coaches and learn the ability to ship exciting products faster and of greater quality. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too! Course Concepts: Software design for adaptability Knowledge acquisition strategies Test Driven Development Continuous Integration Refactoring and writing clean code Pair and Mob Programming Working with Legacy Code Behaviour Driven Development Mobbing and Pairing In Person